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The art of buying real estate off plan: Personalization, financing and success.

Buying off-plan real estate offers a unique and promising experience for future owners. However, it comes with its share of challenges and complex steps that are essential to master. From reservation to delivery, each phase deserves special attention. In this article, we will guide you through the complete process of purchasing off-plan property, providing you with valuable advice for a transaction with complete confidence.




Investing in off-plan real estate is an exciting endeavor that allows you to shape your future home according to your preferences. This article delves deep into the advantages, challenges, and essential steps of buying off-plan real estate, from the moment of reservation to receiving the keys. Discover how to personalize your living space, choose your environment, finance your project, and avoid common pitfalls. We will also unveil the secrets to a successful acquisition with peace of mind. Prepare to make a well-informed investment in the off-plan real estate sector.



I. Personalize Your Living Space to Your Desires


Buying off-plan real estate means having the opportunity to create the home of your dreams. You'll be among the first to set foot in your future residence and decide on finishes that reflect your lifestyle.


1.1 Essential Documents


  • Property Estimation: Understanding the value of your investment.


  • Project Presentation: Discovering the details of your future residence.


  • Price List: Evaluating the costs associated with each option.


  • Plans and Construction Descriptions: Visualizing your future space.


1.2 Customization to Your Liking


  • Allocated Budgets: Deciphering expenses for each aspect of construction.


  • Choosing Your Finishes: Selecting kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring.


  • Modifying the Layout: Adapting the interior arrangement to your needs.


1.3 Realistic Visualization


  • CGI Images: Exploring the visual rendering of your future residence.


  • Virtual Tours: Projecting yourself into a furnished space before construction even begins.


1.4 Precise Comparison


  • Taking Measurements: Using your current home as a reference point.


  • Evaluating the Environment: Assessing proximity to services, transportation, and more.


  • Understanding the Regulations (PPE): Ensuring compliance with condominium rules.


1.5 Environment and Nuisances


  • Neighborhood Atmosphere: Grasping the general ambiance of your future living area.


  • Avoiding Nuisances: Evaluating potential noise and other issues.


In this section, we will explore in detail every aspect of personalizing your living space when purchasing off-plan real estate. You'll discover how to make informed decisions to shape your future home according to your preferences.



II. Successfully Finance Your Project


Purchasing off-plan can be financed in two main ways: buying on completion or acquiring a share of the land (PPE). Understanding these options is crucial for successfully executing your real estate project.


2.1 Buying on Completion


  • Initial Down Payment: Paying 10% to 20% of the total price upon reservation.


  • Balance on Delivery: The final payment is made upon delivery, typically through a mortgage.


2.2 Acquiring a Share of the Land (PPE)


  • Partial Ownership: Becoming the owner of a specific share of the land, expressed in thousandths of the parcel.


  • Contract with the General Contractor: Entering into a contract for the construction of your property.


  • Self-Financing: Financing the construction using your own means, including interest payments.


  • Advantages: Benefitting from reduced transfer duties calculated solely on the land's value.


  • Transformation into a Traditional Mortgage: Once construction is complete, the construction credit is converted into a traditional mortgage.


This section will guide you through the two main financing modes for off-plan real estate, helping you choose the best option based on your financial needs and goals. You'll learn how to anticipate costs and manage your investment effectively for a successful project.



III. Avoid Unpleasant Surprises


Before committing to an off-plan purchase, conducting thorough checks is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. Follow these tips for a hassle-free acquisition.


3.1 Check the Promoter's Reputation


  • Experience and Stability: Gather information about the real estate developer's reputation, experience, and financial stability.


3.2 Solidity of Construction Companie


  • Acquiring a Share of the Land: If you opt for this option, ensure the reliability of the companies responsible for the work.


3.3 Analyze the Contract in Detail


  • Clauses and Exclusions: Scrutinize the contract's clauses and any exclusions mentioned.


  • Guarantees: Ensure the provided guarantees for your protection.


3.4 Specify Deadlines and Commitments


  • Transparency: Clearly specify deadlines and commitments for a stress-free acquisition.


By implementing these precautionary measures, you'll minimize risks and unpleasant surprises when buying off-plan real estate. Due diligence is essential to ensure a confident and serene transaction.



IV. The 4 Secrets to a Successful Acquisition


To succeed in your off-plan real estate acquisition, follow these four essential secrets that guarantee a positive experience and well-informed decisions.


4.1 Professional Guidance


  • Technical Expertise: Hire a professional to guide you through the technical aspects of your real estate project.


4.2 On-Site Visits


  • Familiarity with the Environment: Visit the construction site to acquaint yourself with your future surroundings.


4.3 Financing Choices


  • Comparing Offers: Explore offers from multiple financial institutions before making a decision.


4.4 Promoter Reputation


  • Proven Reliability: Ensure that the real estate developer enjoys an excellent reputation and proven reliability before finalizing your purchase.


By following these insightful tips, you'll maximize your chances of success when purchasing off-plan real estate. Thorough preparation and professional expertise will allow you to make informed decisions and realize your real estate dream successfully.





Purchasing off-plan real estate is an exceptional experience that allows you to fulfill your dreams. However, it requires meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the process. By following the advice provided in this article, you can make a well-informed investment in off-plan real estate, tailor-made for you, while avoiding common pitfalls. Prepare to inhabit a space that perfectly aligns with your vision and lifestyle.


With careful planning and appropriate checks, your investment in off-plan real estate will transform into a fulfilling reality, bringing you satisfaction and happiness for years to come.

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