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The SNB once again lowers its key rate by 0.25 basis points !

In a global economic context marked by the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) is adjusting its monetary policy to stabilize the Swiss economy. The reduction in the policy rate announced today is a direct response to these challenges, aimed at supporting economic growth and keeping inflation under control. This article examines the implications of this decision and its potential effects on the Swiss economy, with a particular focus on the real estate sector.


On June 20, 2024, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) announced a reduction in its key rate by 0.25 basis points. This decision marks a significant step for the Swiss economy, bringing notable benefits to various sectors, including real estate.


An Impulse for the Swiss Economy


The reduction in the key rate by the SNB aims to stimulate the Swiss economy in a context of economic stability and control of inflation. Here are the main expected impacts:



Reduced Borrowing Costs: Businesses and individuals will benefit from lower interest rates for borrowing, thereby facilitating access to credit and encouraging investment and consumer spending.



Support for Economic Growth: Lower interest rates stimulate economic activity by increasing liquidity in the financial system. This should promote a sustainable economic recovery.



Stabilization of Inflation: The SNB continues to aim for stable and predictable inflation, which is crucial for investor and consumer confidence.


A Boost for the Real Estate Sector


The Swiss real estate sector is one of the major beneficiaries of this rate reduction. Positive effects include:



Easier Access to Mortgages: Lower interest rates make mortgages more affordable, increasing demand for real estate and making it easier for many Swiss to buy.



Increased Real Estate Investment: Real estate investors are encouraged by reduced borrowing costs, which could lead to increased growth and development in the sector.



Property Valuations: With increased demand for properties, property prices could increase, providing capital gains opportunities for current owners.



Outlook and Forecasts


Despite this reduction, forecasts for long-term interest rates remain cautious. Future adjustments will depend on global economic developments and the policies of other major central banks. Nevertheless, the SNB's current strategy appears to aim for a gradual reduction in rates to maintain economic stability and control inflation.





The SNB's recent decision to lower its key rate by 0.25 basis points is positive news for the Swiss economy. By facilitating access to credit and supporting economic growth, this measure should have beneficial effects, in particular for the real estate sector. Investors and economic players must, however, remain attentive to global developments to adjust their strategies accordingly.


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