|  Ramzi Chamat

What are the determining factors in choosing a real estate agency ?

In a world where the real estate market is constantly evolving, it becomes essential for real estate agencies to understand the expectations and preferences of owners who wish to sell their property. To meet this need, OAKS LANE SA initiated an in-depth survey to identify the decisive factors that influence owners in the choice of a real estate agency. This report aims to enlighten agencies on the aspects most valued by clients, thus making it possible to refine service and communication strategies to better respond to market demands.




In the competitive real estate market, understanding why homeowners choose a specific agency to sell their property is crucial for agencies seeking to enhance their services and attract more clients. A recent survey conducted by OAKS LANE SA sheds light on the factors influencing this decision, revealing that the expertise and advice provided by an agency, its network and resources, reputation and reliability, as well as the fees it imposes, play distinct roles in a homeowner's choice.



I. Expertise at the Forefront


The findings of OAKS LANE SA's survey indicate that 34% of homeowners prioritize 'Advice and Expertise' above all other factors when selecting a real estate agency. This discovery underscores the importance for real estate agents to be well-informed and capable of guiding clients through the complex processes of selling a property. Homeowners value agents who can not only navigate market trends but also provide personalized advice that maximizes the value of their property.



II. The Importance of Network and Resources


Closely following, 'Network and Resources' represents 29% of the decision-making process according to OAKS LANE SA's survey. This highlights the importance of an agency's ability to leverage a wide network including potential buyers, marketing platforms, and partnerships with other real estate professionals. Resources such as effective advertising tools and a strong online presence are also essential components that add value to the client experience.



III. Reputation and Reliability


Reputation and Reliability' are almost as influential, with 28.5% of respondents in OAKS LANE SA's survey citing it as a key factor. This underscores that an agency's track record, market presence, and the trust it has built over time are essential for attracting homeowners. A reliable agency, perceived through client testimonials and a solid reputation in the market, reassures homeowners regarding the sale and/or management of their property.



IV. Lesser Influence of Fees and Commissions


Interestingly, 'Fees and Commissions' are considered the least influential, with only 9% of homeowners focusing on this aspect in OAKS LANE SA's survey. This suggests that while cost is a factor, it is not as crucial as the quality and scope of services provided. It seems that homeowners are willing to pay a premium for superior service and better results.





OAKS LANE SA's survey illustrates that, while fees remain a criterion, qualitative factors such as expertise, network capabilities, and agency reliability are more convincing for homeowners. For real estate agencies, focusing on improving these areas could be the key to differentiation in a crowded market. As the industry evolves, the strategies of real estate professionals must also evolve, prioritizing what truly adds value for their clients.

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