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The continued decline in mortgage rates in Switzerland.

In the current economic context, marked by fluctuations and uncertainties, the Swiss mortgage market has undergone notable developments. Since June 2023, a significant drop in mortgage interest rates has been observed, positively influencing borrowers and revealing important economic dynamics. This trend, influenced by various macroeconomic factors and political decisions, deserves in-depth analysis to understand its implications and anticipate its future consequences.




In December 2023, the Swiss mortgage market observed a marked downward trend in interest rates, continuing a trend that began in June of this year. This decline has significant implications for borrowers and the economy in general.



Analysis of the Current Situation


According to the latest data, the mortgage rate for a two-year loan fell to 2.26%, a substantial drop from its level of 3.07% in mid-June. Likewise, the rate for a five-year loan decreased to 2.19%, compared to 3.02% previously. These changes indicate a significant decline in mortgage rates in a relatively short period, which is quite remarkable in the current economic context.



Influential Factors


The decision of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to keep its key rates unchanged in September played a crucial role in this decline. This policy is partly a response to the slowdown in inflation observed at the national level. As a result, two-, five- and ten-year mortgages are now cheaper than the Saron mortgage rate, which has remained unchanged at 2.61% since October.



Outlook and Precautions


Although this downward trend is good news for borrowers, experts, including those from Moneyland.ch and Moneypark, advise caution. They emphasize that it is still too early to determine the direction that mortgage rates will take in 2024, given that the future evolution of rates will depend on several factors, including inflation and the economic situation in Europe. However, over the next three months, interest rates on fixed rate loans of up to 5 years are expected to remain stable.





The continued decline in mortgage rates in Switzerland represents an important development for property owners and potential buyers. It reflects current macroeconomic trends and the monetary policies of the SNB. However, in the uncertain economic climate, long-term forecasts remain cautious. Borrowers and investors should remain vigilant and informed of future market developments.



Source: Moneypark

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